Intruder Alarm Systems

These systems can be used for both private and commercial properties to help prevent break ins and also deter any intruders. At Raptor Security Systems we supply and install a range of both wired and wireless systems. Our wireless systems are ideal for newly built or renovated properties although our engineers always use the utmost care when installing any of our systems to ensure any wires are tucked neatly out of sight.

We use the latest Ricochet technology for its reliability and capabilities for all of our systems. If you are a pet owner we can use pet immune PIR motion detectors. These specialist detectors are designed to disregard any movement made by animals. All of our PIR motion detectors are small and fit neatly into the corner of a room and go unnoticed.

Interior system

With an interior system we solely use PIR motion detectors to cover the various rooms in your home or office. The downside of option for this system alone is that it restricts movement inside the property when the system is night armed.

Perimeter system

A Perimeter system uses a mixture of PIR motion detectors along with window shock detectors and door contacts. This makes for a much more secure system allowing free movement around the property when the system has been night armed.

As no home or business is the same we can tailor our systems to best suit our customers individual needs.

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